Our products fulfil standards for obtaining the license and they are labelled by the ČESKÝ VÝROBEK (CZECH PRODUCT) logo.

CeskyVyrobek logo 180 transparent ENConditions for obtaining the label

  • The product is made in the Czech Republic.
  • The manufacturer employs Czech employees who participate on manufacturing the products.
  • Czech materials and Czech labour – at least 50 % of materials or components have their origin in CR and there must be 100 % of Czech labour as well as the new product has to be made from these materials or components, so not only repacking.
  • The manufacturer guarantees the quality, safety and harmlessness of the products.


Detailed information about conditions of using the label (trademark) you can find here.

Detailed information about the registered trademark is on the website of the Industrial Property Office (Úřadu průmyslového vlastnictví).