For the Ministry of Education in Kuwait we have implemented a data visualization from a solar powerplant located at a school in Kuwait.

mapa kuvajt 1

The LCD monitor in the lobby displays information about:

  1. production from a photovoltaic powerplant on the roof,
  2. conversion of non-emitted CO2,
  3. power consumption in the area and
  4. purchase from the electricity distribution network.

Such information presented to public help to build a better image of an institution that not only saves money but also tries to behave more environmentally friendly by producing energy without emissions.

Why did they choose Czech company Solar Monitor s.r.o. in Kuwait?

Because our solution is:

  1. independent on any particular manufacturer of electricity meters, inverters etc, which not only reduces installation costs but also simplifies service,
  2. adapts easily to client's requirements (modular system solution),
  3. is user-friendly and easy to install,
  4. exhibits considerable reliability,
  5. when it comes to tailor-made development, Solar Monitor not only meets the requirements of the client but offers its own ideas and innovations

How it works in reality

The solar powerplant itself (PV panels, inverters, electricity meters…) is assembled by a local Kuwaiti installation company. Solar Monitor supplies SM2-MU HW units that the installation company connects to inverters and meters. The SM2-MU continuously read data from electricity meters and inverters and then enable to accesses the data via standard web browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox…).

The part visible for public is an LCD monitor with a built-in web browser (available in most electronics stores). Solar Monitor sends data (xml, HTML, CSS, Java Script) online to this LCD which displays data in graphs on the screen. Data appear on three graphic pages that alternate at regular intervals, namely:

  • Energy in numerical form in kWh
    solarmonitor prehled screen1 v konecna
  • Daily energy in a continuous graph
    solarmonitor prehled screen2 v3
  • Instant performances in current flow schema
    solarmonitor prehled screen3 v3