Portal’s structure

Detailed graphs

  • Provide user friendly overview of production data (Ipv, Upv, Pac, Tkk, Iac, Uac, Fac)
  • Clearly arranged graphs with detail zoom option show current situation in interactive way
  • Option of selecting information (it hides selected curves)
  • Bar chart showing production summary (hourly, daily, monthly)
  • Detailed graph enables finding causes of outages or reduced production

Alarms and failures

  • When there is an alarm, the Solar Monitor unit sends current measured data to the portal together with detailed cause of alarm.
  • Graph shows the data together with periodical recordings which makes analysing the problem easier.
  • Full alarm list is in separate section.

Production audit

  • In Production audit you can compare your PV plant’s production with production estimated according to PVGIS data. You will find that comparisonin a bar chart.
  • This bar chart shows annual average according to PVGIS and your plant‘s annual average. The values should be similar.
  • You will appreciate this function if you need to keep an eye on business plan and know the real financial returnability compared to the estimate.

Export to CSV

  • Option of exporting all data from the portal into expanded format of CSV. You can analyse the exports in user applications or in MS Excel and similar processors.
  • You can select time period of exported data which makes the procedure significantly easier.

Monitoring PV plant’s efficiency

  • User can observe current values of irradiation, PV panel temperature and ambiente temperature. In combination with the inverters data you can easily find out current and longterm efficiency of fotovoltaic panels and invertors.
  • You can compare the data with panel efficiency declared by the manufacturer.
  • You can observe the annual efficiency decrease.




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