Major advantages

  • Inbuilt invoicing and reporting
  • Summary of production, graphs
  • Event reporting
  • Theft protection
  • Surge monitoring
  • Panel and ambient temperature
  • Continuous invertor checking
  • Option of sendind data to Web Portal



  • Makes invoicing and production reporting significantly easier.
  • Provides clear and simple operating interface for checking PV plant.
  • Notifies customer of outages or failures via emal
  • Displays measured data history that makes identifying a potential problem ( e.g. in the network) easier.
  • Substitutes datalogger offered by invertors‘ suppliers



  • Weight (kg): 0.25
  • Installation: on the wall or a DIN rail
  • Power supply: 9-35 VDC, typ. 1,2 W
  • Dimensions: 72 x 89,7 x 62,2
  • Bus: 1xEthernet, 2xRS-485 (invertor), SO pulses (electrometer)
  • Guarantee: 5 years

Supported Devices


Solar Monitor supports most of inverter manufacturers. Their logos can be found below the text.Some manufacturers of inverters sold them under several brands as OEM versions. If you can not find your manufacturer's logo inverters, please contact us for clarification.

aegcarlo gavazzidanfossdeltadiehlfroniuskacokostalmastervoltmavisis morningstarOmnikomronpairanPower Electronicspower onePower TraprefusolriellosanternosatconschneidersiemenssilikensmasolaredgesolarmaxsolutronicStecastudersungrowsunvillesunwaysvaconxantrex

Safety relays and measuring modules

Solar Monitor supports these manufactures of the safety relays and the measuring modules.

ABBCarlo GavazziFroniusIridonKMBPhoenix ContactQeedSchneider ElectricWattrouterYorixZPA


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